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Victorian Village

The guest house is located just northwest of downtown Columbus, Ohio in Victorian Village featuring an outstanding collection of Victorian-style homes, thus its name. People of all persuasions live and work in this bucolic neighborhood.

Many of the homes in the Victorian Village neighborhood were constructed in the late 19th century when the streetcar first extended onto Neil Avenue, the village thoroughfare. Much of the area’s early population were wealthy businessmen and their families who built large, opulent homes near public transportation but somewhat removed from the then city center. There were also several large farms in the area that were later subdivided and turned into parks or sold to developers.

Like many portions of the city of Columbus, urban blight came to this neighborhood in the post World War II years when suburbs began to spring up and people left the city for the areas that surrounded it. Victorian Village was one of those neighborhoods that became run down and crime ridden by the late 50s. In the 1960s and 1970s, revitalization of the neighborhood began when the city declared the area an official historic district. Low interest loans were offered for urban renewal projects and many artists and others looking for affordable housing took advantage of these, purchasing homes of all sizes and renovating them. The result, 40 years later, is one of the city’s loveliest districts, complete with many intact Victorian homes, thanks to the Victorian Village Architectural Review Commission formed in 1974, which sees to it that the treasures here maintain their architectural integrity.

A stroll around the Victorian Village neighborhood will allow visitors to view a number of different styles of Victorian homes, including Italianate, Queen Anne, Second Empire, Carpenter-Stick, and Four Square. Other architectural styles are evident as well, such as Tudor, Gothic Revival, Greek Revival, and Romanesque.

Each September, the Victorian Village neighborhood sponsors an annual Victorian Village Tour of Homes and Gardens (renamed to Short North Tour of Homes), providing a prime opportunity to view these homes on the inside. This tradition began in 1975 and is still one of the highlights of the year for architectural history buffs. Ten homes are showcased each year, and for a small fee, guests can visit each one.  For more about Victorian Village visit Wikipedia »