Victorian Village Guest House | Host Bio
A step above a bed and breakfast
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Host Bio

After more than 25 years in the banking industry, Lisa Craig Morton felt increasingly dissatisfied with her career and professional life. She began working with a life coach who helped her explore possible career changes. As an outcome of the coaching sessions, she decided to start a guest house business. The idea was one she had always been drawn to and because of the nature of the business, she could maintain her banking job while getting the new business off the ground. In April 2008, she formed Victorian Village Guest House, LLC and hosted her first paying guests in July 2008.

Victorian Village Guest House continues to grow, attracting new guests and garnering an ever increasing number of repeat visitors

In October 2008, in the midst of the recession, Lisa learned that her bank job was being eliminated and she would get laid off in March 2009. She decided to use the opportunity as a launching point to run the guest house full time. Since then, she hasn’t looked back and works full time running her own business. Now celebrating its fifth year, Victorian Village Guest House continues to grow, attracting new guests and garnering an ever increasing number of repeat visitors.

For Lisa, one of the most rewarding aspects of managing the enterprise is being part of the Short North business community. Lisa has been actively involved with the Short North Alliance and is exhilarated to have a business that both supports and compliments the thriving arts and retail district. This connection has allowed her to partner with a number of other independent business owners and provide her guests with a close connection to Columbus’s premier shopping and tourist destination. In addition, Lisa has found a high level of gratification in starting something from scratch, being sole owner and being her own boss for the first time! She says it has been immensely rewarding to take an idea from concept to reality and watch it take off and grow. Lisa points out that she and her husband, Jeff, have been blessed with tremendous support and encouragement from friends and neighbors in terms of referrals and recommendations.

Personal Statement:
For me, this has been a wonderful journey from corporate America to “Main Street,” from banking Vice President to small business owner. And hopefully my enthusiasm shows in the “product” we are offering at Victorian Village Guest House – attention to detail, care for our guests’ every need, luxury combined with the comfort of home and a surprising oasis in the middle of this urban neighborhood. – Lisa Craig Morton